Do you face any of the following situations?

  • User not internet savvy

    Feel inconvenienced for not getting communication as you are not email, computer or internet savvy?

  • Snail mails not delivered

    Sending snail mails is a manual process and is prone to mistakes. Your customers don't get them or get the wrong ones?

  • Need for a safe delivery

    Feel the need of a service that facilitates safe and secure communication to deliver snail mails to your customers?

  • Manage customer needs

    The systems are getting oriented towards emails. Are you finding it hard to deal with few customers who still wants a hard-copy?

  • Manage customer addresses

    Do you face challenges in managing the correct address of the customers as this is manual process and is error-prone?

  • Fear of privacy violations

    Are you facing privacy risks because sometimes important personalized communications are sent to wrong address?

Virphy's Magic

Email your electronic files and receiver gets hard copies of the same

Virphy facilitates printing and delivering hard copies of PDF attachments to the users in
a manner that is completely transparent to the senders.

  • Sender

  • Emails to All Recipients

Receivers who want email

Receivers who want communication
in hard copies

How does Virphy benefit you



  • Senders don't have to deal with different types of communication to different customers. They just have to send all an email & Virphy will take care of the rest.

  • No changes are required in current business systems. No integration efforts needed. All communications will happen by sending emails.

  • No need to maintain and update receiver addresses. Receivers will input and update their current address, ensuring correct delivery every time.

  • Delivery of personalized statements & mandatory hard-copy communications can be sent as emails and Virphy takes care of delivering the hard copies.



  • Receivers can update their address in one place and without any hassle and all the communications will be directed to their current address always.

  • Now it's in receivers' hands on how they want to receive any communication. By using Virphy, they can receive in hard-copy in a very transparent manner.

  • Receivers can temporarily have the communication redirected to a different address by updating just at one place.

  • Receivers can pay and receive in hard-copy format even if the sender is willing to send only soft copies.

Virphy Stands for...

  • Efficiency

    Makes you efficient and
    cost effective

  • Simplification

    Simple to setup, simple to
    use, simplifies your life

  • Non-Tech User

    Caters to the non-tech

  • Automation

    Automated processes for
    accurate delivery

  • Integration Free

    Integration free sender

  • Quality

    High quality printing and
    quality delivery