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Sending or Getting Printed Documents

Normally, when we have to send documents to somebody, we have one of the following two methods:

  1. Send documents by email or
  2. Print and send documents by courier

And if have to print documents for ourselves, then we have to do one of the following:
  1. Print on the home printer or
  2. Carry the documents on a USB drive to the nearby print centre and get them printed there

which can be depicted pictorially, as below.

What if the User What if the User's Printer Has

To address these and many more scenarios smoothly, Virphy is the answer.

What's Virphy

Virphy is a service that facilitates sending or getting printed documents. There are primarily two use cases of Virphy:

  1. To send documents to somebody who need to have them in printed form
  2. To print documents for themselves

Virphy deals with both these use cases in a simple and efficient manner.

When you Virphy the documents,

  1. for the sender, it's like sending an email, but for the receiver they receive nicely printed physical documents
  2. for printing themselves, order prints in Virphy, select a nearby print-centre, when ready, go and pick-up


Currently Virphy supports only PDF documents, as PDF format is fully self-sufficient retaining all the formatting and fonts used in creating the document without any dependency on the computer from which it will be printed.


How Virphy Works

Virphy is a cloud based service. There simple few steps in Virphy, as outlined below.


There are three ways you can submit PDF files and order prints for Virphy to process, print and deliver them. They are:

Both the Sender and Receiver have to be registered users.


The charges can be paid in one of the two ways:


Once the order is composed and paid for, then Virphy processes the transaction to prepare the documents for printing:


Once the documents are printed, they will be ready to deliver in one of the following chosen methods

All this can be done without leaving your place in a simple and efficient manner.

Virphy delivery capability can be shown as below:

Download PDF Version

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