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Frequently Answered Questions

Following are Frequently Asked and Answered Questions about Virphy.

Q What is Virphy ?
   Virphy is a service that facilitates physical delivery of .pdf documents that are emailed to a special Virphy email ID of a user signed-up with Virphy. For a detailed description of Virphy and it's features, please checkout the What is Virphy Blog or watch the What is Virphy Video on the Virphy landing page.
Q How Virphy Works ?
   Virphy is a service that facilitates communication from senders to receivers who are not email/internet savvy. Once a user signs-up and specified a sender email on Virphy Portal from a sender's perspective, the process is as simple as sending an email to an email-id. A user who wants to receive has to sign-up to obtain a Virphy Email. As part of that sign-up user will associates a physical mailing address to their Virphy email-id. Any mail that is sent to a Virphy email-id gets processed by Virphy Service, by printing the .pdf attachments and mailing them to the user's associated physical address.

Sender can choose from various print and delivery options that can be set as sending default rules, or can also specify specific options at the time of sending the email.

Just to try out the service, one can use Express Send feature on the Virphy Portal which doesn't need any sign-up of either the sender or the receiver.
Q Who pays for the service ?
   Whoever signs-up with Virphy and upgrades themselves to be a Paying Account can pay for the service. Following are various scenarios and description of who will pay in each of them.
  • Normally sender pays for the service.
  • In case sender is not a paying account, but receiver is a paying account and is willing to pay from that particular sender, then receiver pays.
  • Suppose both sender and receiver are paying accounts and receiver wants to receive using a premium delivery service, then sender pays for their preference and receiver pays the difference between sender choice of delivery and that of theirs.

Q What are the various charges for Virphy Service ?
   The various charges for using the Virphy service are:
  • Printing charges – based on various printing options selected
  • Delivery charges – based on actual delivery method the documents are being sent, on a per package basis
  • Service charges – fixed charges applicable on a per package basis

There is a limit on number of sheets in each package. If the number of sheets of all the attachments put to-gether is more than that can fit in one package (envelope), they will be automatically split in multiple packages, ensuring all the pages of one attachment are in a single package.
Q How does one pay for the service ?
   Virphy is a pre-paid service. After signing-up, upgrade to paying account and maintain sufficient balance. Whenever a mail is processed, the charges for that transaction are debited to the account. The charges are dependent on the number of pages in the document, various print and delivery options chosen.

If the account doesn't have sufficient balance to process a transaction then the same is kept on hold till the requisite amount is recharged into account. When a job (transaction) goes on hold, the same is informed to the payer accordingly.

However, any jobs which are on hold for more than 90 days will be marked as expired and thus when the account is charged, those jobs (which are expired) will not be processed for delivery. When a job goes on hold you can also cancel the job by sending an SMS. Please refer to the SMS interactions question in the Troubleshooting details, which is visible post logging into the Virphy portal.
Q What are various ways to use the service ?
   For a quick try, one can use Express Send feature of Virphy, which doesn't need any sign-up. It's a four step process.
  1. Enter sender details as prompted on the screen
  2. Complete sender email verification
  3. Compose mail to either registered or unregistered receiver, select files to be attached and optionally select rules to apply
  4. Virphy computes the charges and displays. Pay the amount and the same will be processed.

However, it will be easy to sign-up and thus one need not visit the portal to use the service. Instead, can just send an email to Virphy Email ID like sending to any other email-id. Virphy will debit the account and will process the transaction.
Q What are various methods that one could use to recharge the account ?
   To recharge the account, one must login into the portal with their email id (sender or receiver) and password. The "My Virphy" page shows the balance in their account with an option to recharge. Once clicked on Recharge button, will be taken to payment options that includes, credit card, debit card, online banking, various wallets that are supported. You can also pay through cheque.

There is an option to also Recharge Others to recharge those accounts who can't pay online. This is a very secure process ensuring the same cannot be misused.

In the future we will support payments through UPI and thus one can pay directly from their mobiles using their banking App.
Q Where all Virphy can deliver and what are the supported delivery methods ?
   Virphy delivers only within India and supports delivery within the following categories:
  • POST – Will send the documents by Indian Post
  • SPEED POST – Will send the documents by Indian Speed Post (Currently Speed Post is serviced thru Virphy only to select cities in India due to certain logistics difficulties. To destinations we cannot delivery by Speed Post, the same will be sent by ordinary POST)
  • COURIER – Will send the documents through one of the courier partners we have tied up with, based on the service availability to the destination.
  • PREMIUM COURIER – Will send the documents through one of the premium courier partners we have tied up with, based on the service availability to the destination.

Currently only POST and SPEED POST are supported. And will add delivery in other categories as we sign-up with partners accordingly.

However, if there is no delivery partner serving to the receiver's address under the chosen delivery method, then Virphy will automatically choose a method cheaper than that for the purpose of dispatching that package.
Q What are the various notifications that I will receive from Virphy ?
   Virphy sends notifications to the users at various processing points of the transaction. Users mostly receive all their notifications on their specified (and verified) communication or sender email ID (if specified). In case both communication and sender email IDs are either not set or not yet been verified, will receive all their notifications on their registered (and verified) mobile number as SMS messages. The various notifications that Virphy sends are as follows:
  • When the job/transaction goes on to HOLD state due to insufficient funds
  • When the job/transaction has been handed over to the delivery partner for dispatching of the packages
  • If opted for, when receiver confirms to Virphy that they have received the package that sender has sent
  • When Virphy's delivery partner is unable to deliver the package to the receiver at the chosen address
Q How do we interact with Virphy using SMS ?
   As Virphy is to provide delivery service to the non-tech savvy, most of the interactions with Virphy can be initiated through an SMS using a feature phone. The details of the SMS Interactions can be found under the same question in the Troubleshooting help that can accessed once signed-up and logged in into the Virphy portal.
Q How is the privacy of the content that is sent to Virphy is protected ?
   Virphy follows industry best practices to safeguard the user's personal data and content they send for printing and delivery. The mails sent to Virphy are not accessible to anyone and are stored in secure servers. The entire process is automated and performed following monitored secure processes.

Troubleshooting Questions

Following are some of the troubleshooting questions frequently asked and answered about Virphy.

Q I have not got the verification codes for the Sender/Communication Email Verification after Sign-Up
   The email that Virphy sent with the verification codes could be in Spam/Junk folder. Check there and move the same to inbox. To prevent future mails from Virphy to go into Spam/Junk folder, please add to your address book.

In case the mail is not there also, please wait for some time as there could be delays in sending the email in case of high load. After some time, if you have still not received, you can click on the Send Again link to have the codes sent again.

If you have not found answer to your question, send us an email and we will respond back as soon as possible.