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What is Virphy

Virphy is a cloud printing service that allows users to order prints from Virphy mobile app or the web app ( and get the prints delivered to their own location or to directly send it to any receiver's location.

Now the service is added one more method of receiving the prints:

  • Where users can order for prints from Virphy mobile app (Android and iOS).
  • Select the nearest Virphy Print Partner based on the location while ordering the prints.
  • Pickup the prints at the selected Virphy Print Partner location.

Virphy feature highlights:

  • Select various print options (like, black / color, print both sides, multiple pages per side, etc.).
  • Print password protected files.
  • Choose how you want the documents to be delivered (Post, Speed Post or Pickup at a nearby print partner location).
  • Pay using Virphy Account or pay-per-transaction using credit/debit cards, net banking, UPI, Wallets etc.
  • Protected Printing facility for printing confidential/sensitive documents - which the customer can initiate after reaching the print partner location.
  • Many more advanced features for users/business users.

What is Print Partner Program

In order for the Virphy print services to be available for urgent printing needs at the location of the customer, Virphy Print Partner Program has been designed to have print shops become partners with Virphy. This program enables partners to print and deliver documents to the customers with very high efficiency and convenience.

Virphy helps partners get more business. Virphy takes care of marketing and promoting print partners on the Virphy Mobile App.

With the Automated Printing feature, the printing tasks will be carried out automatically, without the efforts of the print partner personnel. The efforts by print partners are reduced to a large extent. This saved time and manpower can be used to focus other activities of the business. This will improve the efficiency and profits.

Virphy will eliminate the need for customers to stand at the shops waiting for the prints. Customers will only come to the shop after the printing is complete and the prints are ready to be picked up. This will enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

What are Print Partner Requirements

Any Print Center with at least one fairly high-end printer with good quality print output can become a Virphy Print Partner.

The print partner must satisfy the following mandatory requirements:

  1. The printer can print in both black and color.
  2. The printer can print both sides of the sheet automatically without any manual effort.
  3. The printer must have a minimum of 2 paper trays.
  4. Print Center has a decent and stable internet connection.
  5. Print Center has a desktop/laptop with Windows 7 or later.
  6. Print Center has a UPS power backup for the printer and the desktop/laptop.
  7. Print Center must keep sufficient stock of stationeries - printing paper, ink/cartridges.
  8. Print Partner must ensure the printer is in a good working condition at all times.

Optional features of the printer:

  1. Can print multiple pages on one side.
  2. Can segregate and staple the document sets automatically.

What Are Printing Tariffs

Virphy printing tariffs are quite attractive without any disruption to the print partner's current printing tariffs. The pricing details will be communicated to the print partner at a later stage during the on-boarding process.

What are the Next Steps

  1. Click on the Fill Your Details button below to take you to the Virphy Partner Portal Home page.
  2. Fill-in all the requested details and click on the Submit button.
  3. Once you submit your details, our Operations Team will review your details and may ask for additional information if needed.
  4. Once the review is successful and agreement is signed, Virphy Operations Team will configure your printer and print centre.
  5. After some testing, you are ready to go live and start receiving the orders from Virphy.
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